NSPA Events

Balance in a Busy World

A Practical Three-part Workshop Series:

physical and nutritional to mental / emotional balance

at Y Yoga Roseville

9th, 16th and 23rd May, 2024


Attend all three or choose the topic that interests you most!

Join us for some fun and informative workshops run by eight health professionals from the North Shore Practitioner Alliance and hosted by Y Yoga Roseville.

Session 1 Balance in Action

Thursday, 9 May, 7:00-8:30pm

Learn how our body processes the sensory inputs for balance in our vestibular system.  Modifications you can make in order to leverage the body into the most optimal balance point for sitting.  Dynamic balance - what is involved from a movement perspective - feet, hips and how we move our centre of mass. How we can create stability from our muscles and how the foot connects to our core and centre.

Kim Hawkins – vestibular physiotherapist KH Balance Therapy

Your inner ear balance system (known as the vestibular system) helps your brain know where your body is in space and helps you stay balanced. Usually, this happens without you even realizing it. The vestibular system is very sensitive, and if it's not working well, you might feel dizzy, have vertigo (a spinning feeling), or have trouble staying steady on your feet. In this session, learn how to tune up your vestibular pathways to maximize balance and recognize when dizziness might be related to a vestibular problem and what you can do to help make it better.

Adrienne Leahy – ABC chiropractor Spine & Health

Leveraging Your Ergonomics.

Picture this scenario, you’re at work or in your home office busy tending to all your daily tasks, and you notice that you’re slumping forward. So you think “Right, time to sit up straight, pull my shoulders back and concentrate on my posture” but then as soon as you stop thinking about it you slump back forward. How do we customise our working environment to leverage our bodies into a position of effortless, upright and balanced posture so that we don’t have to be thinking about it? In this session we’ll talk about your body specifically and how to fit your environment to you.

Sally Harrison – physiotherapist / exercise rehab Pro-Align

Balance is mechanically about how we manage our mass over our base of support. How well can we find that sweet spot where the foot , hip and pelvis are aligned. We will be looking at static balance on one leg and feeling what is required from our feet, the pelvis and the difference between static and dynamic balance. What can your body do?

Session 2 Managing Stress

Thursday, 16 May, 7:00-8:30pm

The way we start each day often has an impact on how that day plays out.  Strategies and techniques to allow you to start your day calmly and help you to cope with stressful situations as they arise to function from a state of inner equilibrium.

Isabelle Lobato – yoga teacher Y Yoga Roseville

Yoga is a very effective way to reduce stress levels and to promote general physical and mental well-being because it improves our interoceptive capacity (knowing how we feel inside). The combination of focused attention, intentional movement and conscious breathing help us to know things in our body and steer us into a calmer and better regulated state. Isabelle will share simple movement and breathing techniques to help you maintain a more equanimous body-mind state throughout the day. And you won’t even need a yoga mat!!

Kate Gyngell – Reiki practitioner Soul Healing Studio

Balancing the emotional and spiritual energy within our bodies is essential to staying grounded and conscious throughout the day. Learn a simple practice to clear and balance your chakras to release blocked energies, creating harmony and allowing you to nurture your mind, body and spirit.

Session 3 Rest & Digest

Thursday, 23 May, 7:00-8:30pm

Your digestive system plays a vital role in your overall health. Learn how you can support the functioning of your digestive system from a nutritional, physical and mental perspective. 

Wendy Middleton – Nutritionist – A Cut Above Nutrition

No matter how many good foods you eat, supplements you take or work outs you do if your digestive system is not working at its best it can be very difficult to achieve your health goal. Learn all about the digestive process & the impact it has on overall health. Wendy shares her tips to getting your digestion running at its best.

Shona Lee – Feldenkrais practitioner & remedial massage therapist – Moving in Tune

Your muscles reflect the state that you’re in (sympathetic – switched on, parasympathetic – relaxed). Learn some DIY hands-on for supporting you abdomen to dissipate tension, incorporating breath and movement of your pelvis to give your organs more internal room for functioning at their best.

Joshua Rasco – Bowen & Craniosacral practitioner; meditation teacher – Wholebeing Health & Meditation

Meditation is a way of integrating what is active in the subconscious that has not been digested.  With the bombardment of information and news, commitments, pressure and stress, there is very little opportunity to process, digest and integrate what we are absorbing. Learn how meditation can help restore clarity and calm in the daily life, bringing you into the very state that your body needs to be in in order to heal and recover.


Attend all three sessions or choose the topic that interests you most.  

$35 single session ($30 Earlybird*), $90 for all 3 sessions ($75 Earlybird*)

Get in quick, only 35 seats available for each session.

*The Earlybird rate is available until 1 April.