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Balance in a Busy World

A Practical Two-part Workshop Series: 

Learn the essentials for achieving physical, nutritional and emotional balance.

Hosted at Y Yoga Roseville 

Thursdays, 16 & 23 May, 2024


Attend both or choose the topic that interests you most!

Join us for some fun and informative workshops run by six health professionals from the North Shore Practitioner Alliance and hosted by Y Yoga Roseville.

Session 1 Mind Body Balance

Thursday, 16 May, 7:00-8:30pm

Body-Mind integration is essential to our wellbeing. Learn how to keep your inner balance during daily life with mind and body awareness techniques.

Kim Hawkins – vestibular physiotherapist KH Balance Therapy

Keeping our balance during our daily lives involves the brain using inputs from our eyes, muscle and joints and from our inner ear balance organs (the vestibular system). This talk will cover how the inner ear balance organs work, some common causes of dizziness and vertigo and how to maximise balance and prevent falls.

Isabelle Lobato – yoga teacher Y Yoga Roseville

Becoming more body minded and cultivating awareness are at the heart of yoga practice. Learn how the combination of mindful movement, breathing and observation are key to enhance our body-mind connection for inner equilibrium.

Ashley Young – Clinical Neuropsychologist and General Psychologist Mindsight Clinic

Our world is fraught with an undercurrent of “Keep busy…Keep doing”, and the wave that quickly follows and envelopes so many is anxiety. In the absence of “doing”, though practices such as mindfulness, we start to embody what it means "to be”. Neuroscience has revealed that regular mindfulness/meditation practice gives rise to enhanced attention, improved emotional regulation and altered self-awareness. Learn how the science of mindfulness can positively impact your brain and support you in achieving mental balance in a busy world.

Session 2 Rest & Digest

Thursday, 23 May, 7:00-8:30pm

Your digestive system plays a vital role in your overall health. Learn how you can support the functioning of your digestive system from a nutritional, physical and mental perspective. 

Wendy Middleton – Nutritionist – A Cut Above Nutrition

No matter how many good foods you eat, supplements you take or work outs you do if your digestive system is not working at its best it can be very difficult to achieve your health goal. Learn all about the digestive process & the impact it has on overall health. Wendy shares her tips to getting your digestion running at its best.

Jaime Kerr - Acupuncturist and Chinese Medicine PractitionerChatswood Healing Hands

The role of the digestive system will be discussed in relation to other organ systems using the Five Elements & Yin Yang theory. Herbal formulas and acupuncture points explained.

Joshua Rasco – Bowen & Craniosacral Practitioner; Meditation Teacher – Wholebeing Health & Meditation

Meditation is a way of integrating what is active in the subconscious that has not been digested.  With the bombardment of information and news, commitments, pressure and stress, there is very little opportunity to process, digest and integrate what we are absorbing. Learn how meditation can help restore clarity and calm in the daily life, bringing you into the very state that your body needs to be in in order to heal and recover.


Attend both sessions or choose the topic that interests you most.  

$35 single session ($30 Earlybird*), $60 for both sessions ($50 Earlybird*)

Get in quick, only 35 seats available for each session.

*The Earlybird rate is available until 15 April.