NSPA Practitioner Members

Joshua Rasco - Wholebeing Health & Meditation

Wholebeing Health & Meditation

Meditation teacher

Bowen therapist

craniosacral therapist

Joshua is the founder of NSPA.  He has been practising Bowen Therapy and Craniosacral Therapy on Sydney's North Shore since 2005.  He started his meditation practise 25 years ago and has been teaching teaching meditation classes since 2013.

He is a former President of the Bowen Association of Australia and teacher of the Cert IV in Bowen Therapy.

Wendy Middleton - A Cut Above Nutrition

Wendy Middleton

A Cut Above Nutrition

Nutritionist & Caterer

Adv Dip Nut Med ATMS 50532

I’m a qualified nutritionist and a caterer based in Lane Cove. I share my knowledge of the health benefits of food and my cooking skills with clients so they can create delicious and nourishing meals that will bring them optimal health. I determine the foods that best fuel your body as well as the foods that don’t. We work together to implement healthy eating habits for life.

I have a particular interest in food intolerances. By helping clients to identify & overcome these intolerances they can achieve significant improvements in their wellbeing.

I also really enjoy inspiring others to cook, working with corporations & the fitness industry educating teams through workshops, webinars and cooking demonstrations.

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Adrienne Leahy - Spine and Health

Dr Adrienne Leahy

Spine & Health


Dr Adrienne is a Chiropractor dedicated to helping her patients achieve great posture through Advanced Bio-structural Correction TM. Based from her clinic in Crows Nest since 2014, Adrienne’s focus in in correcting the structural instabilities of weight bearing joints so that her patients have a strong and upright spine. Adrienne has been a featured speaker at International Chiropractic Conventions, as well as being invited to corporations all across Sydney to educate the office working community on how to look after their posture.

Kate Gyngell - Soul Healing Studio

Kate Gyngell

Soul Healing Studio

Reiki and ashati healing

Kate is a Reiki and Ashati energy practitioner.  She is based in Gordon.  Kate grew up having a keen interest in health and well-being, learning about the inner workings and needs of the physical body.  After her 3 children were born, and on being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease, this interest led to her business in nutrition and supplementation with a particular focus on immune health, energy and the physical effects on the body of emotional stress.

Over time, it became clear to Kate that the mind and spirit also have to be nurtured and healthy in order for us to be truly well and free of dis-ease. We all carry emotional ‘baggage’, which, if left unattended, can lead to physical ailments.

Kate has learned from many wonderful spiritual leaders and healers since then and on numerous occasions was urged to become a healer herself but was unsure which modality to practise in.  Finally, she was introduced to Ashati energy healing which helps to heal the body, mind and soul, expand awareness and higher senses, understand thoughts and emotions and strengthen the connection with our higher self and spirit guides.  During her sessions with clients, Kate also practises Reiki, balances the Chakras, clears emotional blocks in the body and connects with spirit guides and loved ones to relay guidance and messages.

Kate and her business partner Judi also regularly run spiritual and personal development circles.  These sessions are a lovely mixture of meditation, sound healing, energy healing and group discussion.

Isabelle Archard-Lobato - Y Yoga Roseville

Isabelle Archard-Lobato

Y Yoga Roseville

yoga teacher

Isabelle is a yoga teacher trained and certified in the Iyengar tradition who has been teaching for over 20 years. Her background is in dance and movement and she fell in love with yoga in 1991 while completing a Bachelor of Arts degree in Dance. Her yoga studio is based in Roseville where she teaches group classes for different levels of practice as well as working privately with clients. Isabelle’s approach to teaching yoga is greatly informed by her understanding of movement principles and yoga therapeutics as well as exposure to various somatic modalities. Her purpose in teaching is to facilitate body awareness, healthy body-mind relationship and greater movement freedom for more conscious and joyful living. 

Jaime Kerr, Acupuncturist, Roseville

Jaime Kerr

Holistic Medicine


chinese medicine

Jaime is an acupuncturist and Chinese herbalist with 20 years experience.

She helps people with pain and stress management, provides pregnancy, menopause and cancer support and improves circulation and organ functions. She has seen many patients at the oncology department of the Mater Hospital and the Fitness First gym. She now works in her private clinic in Roseville.

She graduated at University of Technology, Sydney, in Traditional Chinese Medicine in 2004. She also studied and trained at University of Hong Kong, University of Guangzhou TCM Hospital and Nanjing Hospital in China.
Kim Hawkins, Vestibular Physiotherapist

Kim Hawkins

KH Balance Therapy

Vestibular Physiotherapist

Kim is an experienced vestibular physiotherapist with a passion for helping people with dizziness, vertigo and balance issues to move, feel and function better. Even after 20 years of clinical work in the public and private health sectors, she’s still genuinely excited by the ‘Aha!’ moment clients get when they understand where their symptoms are coming from, which means they can then get on with treating and managing the source of the issue. A client-centred approach and evidence-based interventions are the core of Kim’s therapy style.

Kim has a Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy) and a Master of Philosophy (Science) from the University of Sydney. She’s an APA Titled Research Physiotherapist and is a regular university guest lecturer. Kim has published several peer-reviewed journal papers and presented at multiple national and international conferences.

Kim is a member of the Australian Physiotherapy Association and it’s Neurology group, as well as a member of the American Physical Therapy Association’s vestibular special interest group

Ashley Young

Mindsight Clinic

clinical neuropscyhologist

general psychologist

Suite 5, 924 Pacific Highway, Gordon, NSW 2072

Ashley is a Clinical Neuropsychologist and Generalist Psychologist, having received her Masters of Clinical Neuropsychology at Macquarie University, where she was awarded the University Award for Academic Excellence. She has a wide-range of experience in working with individuals and groups across community, aged-care and hospital settings including Royal Prince Alfred Hospital, Northern Beaches Hospital and St Vincent’s Hospital.

Ashley is most passionate about helping individuals across the lifespan – from adolescents, adults and older adults - to develop an understanding of their own internal resourcefulness, in the presence of brain injury and/or mental health problems.

Her expertise lies in neuropsychological assessment of adults and older adults across a broad range of neurological, medical and psychiatric conditions (i.e., dementias/neurodegenerative disease, stroke, epilepsy, substance abuse, depression, PTSD, schizophrenia).

Ashley is a warm, deeply compassionate therapist who works with a wide range of psychological issues including anxiety, depression, functional neurological disorders, chronic pain, trauma, sleep problems, and difficulties with self-esteem and confidence.

She utilises a range of evidence-based therapeutic approaches, incorporating Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Compassionate Mindfulness, EMDR and Motivational Interviewing.

Ashley has a special interest in the provision of cognitive rehabilitation for individuals with everyday memory problems and working memory difficulties, as well as providing psychosocial education and feedback to patients’ families around symptoms and management advice for brain injury .

Ashley is a full member of the Australian Psychological Society, member of the Australian Society for the Study of Brain impairment and member of the Golden Key International Honour Society.

Ashley works in private practice at Northern Beaches Neurology at Northern Beaches Hospital as well as Mindsight Clinic in Gordon.