North Shore Practitioner Alliance

The North Shore Practitioner Alliance (NSPA) is a group of knowledgeable, passionate and client-focused health practitioners who provide peer support and professional development, working closely together with client referrals to provide optimal health outcomes for all our clients.

Our Purpose

Trusted Referral Relationships and Support

Build trusted support and referral relationships with a group of like-minded, engaged and experienced health professionals.

Optimum Client Care

Bring about the best outcomes and client care for the community we work within.


Provide professional and practice development education to members. 

Broaden Awareness

Broaden member awareness beyond their own scope of practice.

Our Values

Working together to achieve optimal client care.

Putting the client’s best interest first and referring to a more specialised, experienced or suitable practitioner when appropriate.

Clear, open communication between practitioners and clients.

Respect for all health modalities, practitioners and the unique service/value they provide.

Ongoing, regular professional development.

What members have to say about NSPA:

Kate Gyngell - Soul Healing Studio

Kate Gyngell

Soul Healing studio

NSPA provides connection to a lovely, professional and dedicated group of practitioners, all of whom I feel comfortable referring to. Learning from each other and about different modalities and health in general, and a safe space to share ideas for feedback.

Adrienne Leahy - Spine and Health

Adrienne Leahy

spine and health

NSPA is a very warm and welcoming environment.   It is less about competing with each other for business and more about how we can best serve our patients by directing them to experts we know and trust.

Wendy Middleton - A Cut Above Nutrition

Wendy Middleton

A cut above nutrition

NSPA is a group of knowledgeable & passionate health practitioners supporting each other’s businesses and providing health knowledge to improve the outcomes for all our clients.

Isabelle Archard-Lobato - Y Yoga Roseville

Isabelle Lobato

Y Yoga Roseville

NSPA provides the opportunity to connect regularly with other practitioners committed to health and wellbeing and to share/hear thoughts and ideas in a supportive environment. I also enjoy that the meetings run efficiently and include guest speakers presenting on compatible practices.

Shona Lee - Moving In Tune

Shona Lee

Moving in tune

NSPA provides a community with like-minded folks and presentations from guest speakers and other members.


Balance in a Busy World

2-Part Workshop Series

Thursday Evenings - 16th and 23rd May, 2024

 at Y Yoga Roseville