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Rest and Digest

Online Zoom session: Thursday 26 May 2022 - 7:30-8:30pm AEST

Rest and Digest

Rest and Digest, aka being in a parasympathetic state, is when your body does all it’s healing and repair work. In this one hour Zoom presentation you’ll learn from:

Wendy Middleton from A Cut Above Nutrition about the importance of digestion to your overall health. No matter how many good foods you eat, supplements you take or work outs you do if your digestive system is not working at its best it can be very difficult to achieve your health goal. Learn all about the digestive process & the impact it has on overall health. Wendy shares her tips to getting your digestion running at its best.

Your muscles reflect the state that you’re in (sympathetic – switched on, parasympathetic – relaxed). Shona Lee from Moving in Tune will teach some DIY hands-on for supporting you abdomen to dissipate tension, incorporating breath and movement of your pelvis to give your organs more internal room for functioning at their best.

Joshua Rasco from Wholebeing Health &Meditation will discuss meditation as a way of integrating what is active in the subconscious that has not been digested from the day / week / month /decade.

With the bombardment of information and news, commitments, pressure and stress, there is very little opportunity to process, digest and integrate what we are absorbing. Learn how meditation can help restore clarity and calm in the daily life, bringing you into the very state that your body needs to be in in order to heal and recover.

Cost:  $16.50